Monday, November 06, 2006

The Eye

Pang Brothers Danny Pang
Oxide Pang

Lawrence Cheng
Peter Chan Ho-sun

Lee Sinje
Lawrence Chou


Transplanted body parts have a tendency to misbehave in horror films, a fact unfortunately unknown to 20-something Wong Ka-Man (Lee Sinje), who receives a cornea graft to restore the sight she lost in childhood. Soon she's besieged by spectral presences and disturbing dreams, while up to her (new) eyeballs in a Third Act back-story down in rural Thailand, her doting psychotherapist in tow. As with their hitman-with-a-heart offering Bangkok: Dangerous, the Pang twins seem happy to reheat various genre clich├ęs, but as Dario Argento well appreciated, perfunctory romantic subplots and incoherent plotting are swiftly forgotten when you have a sequence of sleek set-piece scares to focus audience minds.