Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Video Girl Ai

Mangaka: Masakazu Katsura

Genre: Romance,Shounen

Description: Yota loves Moemi but ends up encouraging Moemi to go for her own secret love, his best friend Takashi. Dejected, Yota happens upon a new video rental store and walks away with what he thinks is an x-rated video. Yota pops the tape into his VCR and out pops Ai, a video girl created to comfort those who are pure of heart and in pain. But the VCR is defective so she ends up a tomboy, flat-chested and foul-mouthed. That is not the only change, as Ai discovers she is falling for Yota. Love makes Ai unique among video girls and the target of her creator. Yet despite everything she keeps trying to comfort Yota by matching him up with the girl of his dreams. But dreams change... and sometimes keep changing. Love can be a terrible ordeal for the pure-hearted when their choices will hurt those they care so much for.