Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vanness Wu & Kang Ta - Scandal

Korea kembali membuat sensasi !!!

Personil F4 yang juga sukses bersolo karir, Vanness Wu, membuat sebuah album duet bersama solois handal yang punya tongkrongan keren, Kang Ta. Mereka bekerja sama dan membuat sebuah album bertajuk SCANDAL yang berisikan lagu-lagu berirama R n B yang bakalan membuat kamu bergoyang.

Album ini diproduseri oleh produser mumpuni asal Korea Selatan. Kejeliannya untuk membuat sebuah album fantastis seperti ini didapat ketika melihat penampilan Kang Ta dan Vanness saat tampil bersama dalam sebuah pagelaran bertajuk “GOLDEN MELODY AWARDS” di Taiwan tahun 2004.

Formasi grup Kang Ta & Vanness merupakan formasi terhandal yang dimiliki Asia saat ini yang mana keduanya merupakan Big Star di seantero benua Asia .

Singer Kang Ta has formed a group with singer Vanness Wu (Wu Jianhao in Chinese), a member of the Taiwanese group "F4," with the purpose of sweeping the Asian music market together. The new group "KANGTA & VANNESS" will release its first album, which was produced by South Korean producers, across Asia in mid-May.

Music fans are excited at the fact that two top stars in Asia have joined efforts. The collaboration between Kang and Wu was anticipated when the "Golden Melody Awards" ceremony, the largest music awards ceremony in Taiwan , was held on May 8, 2004.

With the awards ceremony giving momentum, they became friends and promised to "engage in new kinds of activities to surprise all of Asia together." Since last year, they began systematic preparations for their joint activities.

An official from SM Entertainment attached importance to the collaboration between these two Asian stars, saying, "Their formation of a group is not a mere outcome of cooperation between two big stars in Asia , but has presented a new formula for activities through cooperation between a hallyu star and a star from the Chinese-speaking region. Their cooperation is also very meaningful in terms of cultural exchange, as they are expected to provide fans all over Asia with high quality music content produced with Korea 's outstanding technology."

album cover
Kang Ta & Vanness
Track Listing
2. 127 day
6. 127 day
8. One Day
9. Faint
10. SCANDAL (English)
  • SCANDAL (eng) d