Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Salad Days

Mangaka: INOKUMA Shinobu

Genre: Shonen, Romance

Description: Love is something that is fresh... like salads. Days when people experience love are days that will never be forgotten... These precious memories are "salad days".

Salad Days is a collection of shorts stories all about people and their first love, or finding new love. And somehow send a message about love. It can get confusing due to one continuing story that is told in short stories. That one continuing story is about two people that meet and start off on bad-terms, but actually live next to each other. The stories talk about their past, their relationship, and their families. The short stories are about random people, or about the two main characters' friends. The drawings are clean, clear, and the eyes don't take up half of the face. The characters' hairstyles are fairly traditional, and the plot are interesting. i really liked this series, because it was in short-story style, and i had control of how much i read.