Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Mangaka: URASAWA Naoki

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Police, Psychological

Description: When a Doctor makes the highly controversial decision to save a boy's life over the mayor's, it leads to the loss of almost everything he holds dear. His fiance, his career, his social standing. The only thing he keeps is his own feeling of self worth, knowing that he did the right thing in saving the boy, who came in first. Yet even that is threatened when he begins to learn that nothing is as it originally appeared. A trail of bloodshed pointing to the seemingly innocent child leaves him questioning even his beliefs. Whether, in the end, all lives are ever truly equal.

Monster is a very interesting plot and character based manga. Its like a drama and detective mystery. The protagonist is a talented surgeon Kenzou Tenma who is faced with a choice either to operate on a young boy with a bullet in the brain or a famous opera singer. The young boy actually arrives first but Temna's superiors want him to save the opera singer. Tenma decides to operate on the boy but it turns out to be a disasterous decision that ruins his life and results in the murder of countless others when the boy turns out to be something other than what he appears.

The plot is very complicated and revolves around many other characters apart from Temna. Its a very intriguing read but sometimes its difficult to follow whats going on and the ending is slightly vague and unfinalised also pretty unexpected.