Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Mangaka: Sugisaki Yukiru

Genre: Drama, Love-Romance, Magic, School Life

Description: The series is basically talking about Niwa Daisuke, a young boy who turned into an incredibly infamous thief, Dark Mousy during his 14th birthday, when his first love, Harada Risa refused his confession. Therefore, whenever Daisuke think of her, he transform into Dark.

As the series become more complicate whenn Risa told Daisuke that she is in love with Dark, and Dark's dream girl is Risa's twin, Harada Riku showed her feeling towards Daisuke.

Hiwatari Satoshi is a classmate in Daisuke's class. He determined to catch the infamous thief, which his family, from a long time ago had detested so much, Dark Mousy.

For some reason, Satoshi began to followed Daisuke around, and whenever Daisuke in danger, Satoshi was always there to recused him. Daisuke doesn't know where Satoshi is up to but something for sure, Satoshi would not harm Daisuke, he's kind of a friend

Dark's most enjoyable game is to annoy Daisuke, so he used Risa as his target to irritate Daisuke. Later then, Riku confessed her love to Daisuke, which made Daisuke turned his feeling back to Rika.

Just like Daisuke, there is a spirit, another person inside Satoshi, that controlled Satoshi. He's the blodie one, whose name is Krad. His worse opponen, enemy is Dark Mousy. He chased Dark everywhere, anytime he saw Dark. Dark had no chance but fighting back.

The series become more and more intesting... because of these quadripartite love, and it eventually ended up that Daisuke realised his feeling toward to Rika isn't love, so he decided to go back to Risa's side. Krad returned back to Satoshi's body, asleep.

You can't miss it!!