Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Mangaka: KATSURA Masakazu

Genre: Comedy, Shoujo, Romance, Drama

Description: I’s is the story of a young boy called Ichitaka who suffers from overwhelming love to a girl called Iori who is in his class. She is an actress, and has become fairly famous from the profession, despite her inferior age. The two are properly introduced when they are elected onto the committee, and must come up with some good ideas for it.

Ichitaka and Iori share a notebook which they put their thoughts for the project in, and it is called "I’s", taking an initial from both of their first names. Even though Ichitaka acts like "Mr. Opposite", always afraid to show his true feelings and instead being rude and mean to Iori, he does give away some subtle hints towards his feelings.

On a few occasions Ichitaka does stupid things which strongly gives away his feelings, but he manages to cover them up most of the time. Every day he spends with her though, he becomes more attached, and as the story progresses, he gradually begins to show his true feelings for her